CC News - July 7th. 2016

Fall 2016 Season 

First let me introduce myself, my name is César Campo and I am very excited to be the soccer coach of your son/daughter, and hopefully I will be his/her coach for many years to come.

Let me start with a mini bio: I am from Colombia, I am married to Nana (Gladys) and we have three wonderful children; Paula, Sebastian and Alejandro, which you probably meet already! I played semi professional football in Colombia briefly, then I quit and started playing for the EAFIT University instead. I am a USSF license F & E soccer coach and also have a NSCAA level 4 diploma. I have been coaching soccer since 2000 when I built an adult soccer team, I have also been coaching youth players since 2006.

This is just a brief message to start feeding you information about the team I want to build, the club, and the commitment I expect from you and your child.

We are about to embark on a wonderful journey together as a team. Right now my focus with the players will be to make the kids love the game, initially my practices will focus on teaching the kids the skills needed in soccer in a way they will enjoy.

At the beginning we will play for fun, but the idea is that with time and dedication the kids will be learning more and more, then we move the team to a recreational level and then to a competitive level when they're ready for it.

Some of the players have already played before, I think with the YMCA, I will be volunteering to be a soccer coach for the YMCA starting this fall 2016, but I want to start the practices sooner.

For now, the practices will be held on the soccer field of Stoneybrook, every Tuesday at 6:30PM until 7:30PM starting this coming Tuesday July 12th weather permitting, here's the address for those of you who don't know where the field is :

Cheval St. Orlando, FL 32828

This is in front of the Stoneybrook's Recreation Center at 14351 Stoneybrook Blvd. Orlando, FL 32828, you'll see the soccer field right there.

To enter Stoneybrook, just tell the guard you're coming to my house and provide my name so that they let you in.

Once fall 2016 soccer season starts and the YMCA officially assigns a practice field for us to use, we will switch to that other field, for now we'll continue using the Stoneybrook field, the same applies when the fall season is over, I'm planning on practicing all year with just a few weeks off due to holidays or vacations.

For practices, as well for games, players should dress appropriately for football (that's how I call it, not soccer). Shin guards are required.  They should also bring a #3 soccer ball and plenty of water. Uniform is not required for now since we are not registered with any club yet, but that might change once the season starts.