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Cannon Hart


Cannon Hart

Personal Information

Position Midfield
Birth Place Orlando
Country United States
Birth day August 12th
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Cannon Hart

Additional Information

Good skills

Team History

GCF U08 Fall 2018, Kraze Dragons
YYSL 1G Spring 2018, Coach Campo - Dragons


Cannon Hart

Goals scored by player

GCF U08 Fall 2018 : Kraze Dragons
1: Sat Nov 10th 2018 Against Lillywhites 10
Offensive rebound
2: Sat Nov 3rd 2018 Against HCSC 11 BOYS I
Offensive rebound
3: Sat Oct 13th 2018 Against GOU NONA 10B
Offensive rebound
4: Sun Sep 23rd 2018 Against PUSC 10
Fighting for the ball and never give up, stole the ball from the
  golie and scored.
5: Sun Sep 16th 2018 Against FLR 11 PA II
YYSL 1G Spring 2018 : Coach Campo - Dragons
1: Sat May 19th 2018 Against Bauer
2: Sat Apr 14th 2018 Against Geronimos
From outside, goalie out of the goal area.