CC News - Feb 26th 2021 - Season about to start

Spring 2021 Season

Schedule for Spring 2021 Season has not been released yet, I'll keep an eye on it and once I know something I'll let you all know.



We already started official practices for this season, Waterford Lakes RC every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00PM until 7:15PM aprox.

Since the season has not started yet, we can still practice on Saturdays, Stoneybrook field Saturday 9:00 AM

Please bring all the gear to practice including shin guards, cleats, #4 ball, water, training vest/pinnies, etc.


Extra Tournaments

We played the FKK preseason last weekend and the balance is positive, it was our first games in almost 4 months and we did good, there are some things we still need to tune, but overall performance of the team was good.

There will be another tournament I want to play on May, but for that one I need to do some research and find the appropriate tournament to play for us, there will be quite a few to choose from, I'll let you know later based on the level of the team and the level of the tournament.


Other topics

Thanks to John Woodson for taking pictures during this past weekend tournament and sharing those pictures with us, you can find the pictures in the following URL: