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Covid Protocols - Coach Campo


Covid Protocols

Covid Protocols


As we continue on with our 2020-2021 season please remember we still have protocols in place to limit/prevent the spread of Covid. We continue to move closer to normalcy with vaccines being distributed at a faster rate than anywhere else in the world. However we are not back to normal yet.
Our staff have been actively getting vaccinated for weeks now and I am happy to say that over half our staff has been vaccinated to date and more in the coming weeks so that we do our part in helping all of us return to a more normal soccer year in 2021/2022.
please remember masks are to be worn to and from fields. Parents are to be socially distanced and if social distancing can not be achieved please wear masks in these instances.
Players should space equipment out on sides of field at a space of 3’.
Thank you and good luck the remainder of spring.