Covid reporting / Return to play protocols



Dear FKK Membership, 
As we start out this 2021/2022 season our hope is for this year to be as much a return to normalcy for soccer as can be comparative to the past 18 months. With that being said we have to acknowledge that COVID is still something we will continue to have to handle and this Delta Variant is not something to turn our backs on. 
We want to remind our membership that any COVID exposure or COVID Positive test should be reported to your respective coach and our COVID Point of Contact, Mark Hansen, in order to ensure the safety of all our membership. 
Going forward if a player tests positive and then have been Cleared to Return from Isolation we need to do our due diligence to ensure as best as we can that the player is ready to return. We are moving forward with a similar Return to Play clearance that already exists for Concussions. The Return to Play Clearance is a light progression ending in sustained rigorous activity to ensure the player is physically ready to return to play. 
Understand that this decision is solely made to ensure the player's safety and safety alone. We obviously want all our players on the field but we want to do our part to make sure they are ready to be on the field. 
The Return to Play Protocol can be signed off by your coach or a personal trainer each day and would allow a player if they successfully pass each stage to return to the field a week after being cleared to come out of isolation. 
Thank you,
Mark Hansen
Director of Operations
Florida Kraze Krush