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Covid Protocols

Covid Protocols


As we continue on with our 2020-2021 season please remember we still have protocols in place to limit/prevent the spread of Covid. We continue to move closer to normalcy with vaccines being distributed at a faster rate than anywhere else in the world. However we are not back to normal yet.
Our staff have been actively getting vaccinated for weeks now and I am happy to say that over half our staff has been vaccinated to date and more in the coming weeks so that we do our part in helping all of us return to a more normal soccer year in 2021/2022.
please remember masks are to be worn to and from fields. Parents are to be socially distanced and if social distancing can not be achieved please wear masks in these instances.
Players should space equipment out on sides of field at a space of 3’.
Thank you and good luck the remainder of spring.

Covid reporting / Return to play protocols



Dear FKK Membership, 
As we start out this 2021/2022 season our hope is for this year to be as much a return to normalcy for soccer as can be comparative to the past 18 months. With that being said we have to acknowledge that COVID is still something we will continue to have to handle and this Delta Variant is not something to turn our backs on. 
We want to remind our membership that any COVID exposure or COVID Positive test should be reported to your respective coach and our COVID Point of Contact, Mark Hansen, in order to ensure the safety of all our membership. 
Going forward if a player tests positive and then have been Cleared to Return from Isolation we need to do our due diligence to ensure as best as we can that the player is ready to return. We are moving forward with a similar Return to Play clearance that already exists for Concussions. The Return to Play Clearance is a light progression ending in sustained rigorous activity to ensure the player is physically ready to return to play. 
Understand that this decision is solely made to ensure the player's safety and safety alone. We obviously want all our players on the field but we want to do our part to make sure they are ready to be on the field. 
The Return to Play Protocol can be signed off by your coach or a personal trainer each day and would allow a player if they successfully pass each stage to return to the field a week after being cleared to come out of isolation. 
Thank you,
Mark Hansen
Director of Operations
Florida Kraze Krush

FKK Facilities

FKK Facilities


As we get back into full spring seasons it’s important we are respectful of our facilities. A couple quick reminders for all:
1) Dogs- dogs are not allowed at either Central Winds or Shane Kelly at the sport fields. Both parks have dog parks where you can take your dog but you can not have them at the fields or walking around the fields with them.
2) Masks- reminder masks should be worn to and from fields still.
We look forward to a great spring.
Thank you,
Mark Hansen
Director of Operations
Florida Kraze Krush

Official GotSport page for the team

BOYS 2011 - FKK Dragons


Here's the official GotSoccer page for the team:



FKK Spring 2021 Season

FKK - Spring 2021 Season


Hello FKK Families,
As we kick off the spring season, we have to admit that we are blessed to be here in Florida. I serve on a few boards that govern youth soccer across the country, and there are some states that are in return to play restrictions, not playing at all or driving three hours to another state to play an opponent 30 mins away from their home fields. We are the envy of the country, as we are averaging about 1,000 people moving to the Sunshine State and soccer is back to some type of normalcy. 
High School soccer as come to a close and our FKK players continue to have success:
During all of this pandemic issues, our staff continue to work hard in getting players committed to colleges through a very difficult recruiting year. By the end of the school year, we will be over 40+ players heading to college. We plan on honoring our Seniors from all programs on May 12th at the outside amphitheater at Central Winds Park. It doesn't matter if you are playing soccer in college, you need to be honored. More details will be sent out about this special event. Six feet apart seating will be allowed to those families. Bring your own chairs to this event.
Our First Touch and Development (FTD) Program doubled in size from last fall to this spring. Because of a high demand request, we will be starting a Mom/Dad & Me program for 2 year olds. This program will begin next month. Look out for details about this program.
We will be relocating offices at the end of this month. We are moving our office 2 blocks away from where we are currently.  The new address will be: 350 S Central Avenue Oviedo.
We continue to place our athletes in a safe and competitive arena. We are approached by several vendors daily that are on the cutting edge in providing us with resources to access our athletes development. We have chosen a very effective device called UNO Playmaker. This device is a state of the art small sensor, that tracks the development of our players technically, tactically, physically and mentally. We get the opportunity to manage the workload of our athletes outside and inside the FKK boundaries. This is a must get device for players 11 years old and above. Over training can be a detriment to the physical and mental aspects of a players development. We will be able to track and manage players' work load. We get to compare our athletes against other athletes across the country and within our club. We already have a few players wearing them and they love the feedback it provides them! Excellent device... for more information on getting the device:
FKK has a 90 Day special pricing going on: $60 OFF / type in "UNOFKK10" at checkout.
Our Competitive Recreational program has grown from the fall season. Gil Barbosa is doing an excellent job in managing this program. Our pre-season Comp Rec tournament was a success to kick the Spring season off.
We have started a committee for R&D for our own FKK Fields/Facility -- led by Tawny Olore (newly appointed board member). Building a facility of our own, is a high priority of our organization. We believe this will allow us to accommodate the growth of our organization, give us some autonomy in field usage and to provide economic impact for our community. This will be a huge project for us, so if we have people that can provide value to this project, please contact me directly. We will provide naming legacy rights to this facility, based on the level of partnership our contribution given to this project. We plan on building a facility that will be added to our current inventory of fields. Our municipal partners have been working with us for the past 7.5 years and we will continue those relationships.
Our TOPS program continues to be a highlight of our organization (soccer program for special needs kids). This program has grown geographically in numbers. Giving these special needs individuals the opportunity to smile, exercise and let them realize they are special is unconditional. Thanks to Andrew Quintana, our certified coordinator and the continued growth of volunteers, this program continues to make a huge impact.
We will be hosting our first National C License Coaching course starting in April and June. Continued education continues to be a priority for our staff development. We have about 9 of our staff members attending this course of 36 candidates. US Soccer/FYSA will be administering this course. Good luck to our staff.
We are working on our summer camp programs. We are in communication as we speak in solidifying facilities for the camps. We will have an advance camp and our summer series of training for all our athletes. More information will be coming out this month.
It's that time of year... Tryouts will be here in less than two months: May 1-4. We will be sending out more information as we get closer. For those that will be trying out, this is the time to really focus on improving your development and show the coaching staff that you are putting in the time to be a better person on and off the field. At the end of the day, it is your character and commitment that will give you the edge.
As we continue to create a holistic environment for our young athletes, on behalf of our board and staff, I want to say thank you for entrusting your children in our hands. The opportunity to impact the central florida community is our major goal. So, ALL THE BEST and looking forward to a great Spring Season.
Hue Menzies
Executive Director, FKK